Tenant Handbook 

Emergency Notification System -  Send Word Now  

In an emergency, Brookfield will make every effort to notify each tenant of the situation and the plan to deal with the event. For immediate and efficient communication, Brookfield utilizes an emergency notification system called SEND WORD NOW.


Send Word Now is an Emergency Notification Service that provides on demand alerts and responses by managing a two-way time-sensitive communication. Send Word Now allows us to send alerts simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of Brookfield employees and/ or tenants anywhere in the world via common voice and text-based communication points. Send Word Now verifies the delivery and status of the alert in real time. Furthermore, it records and presents voice and text responses the instant they are generated.


Tenants should provide Emergency Contact Information for any critical employees they wish to have contacted during a building emergency or any other significant building event. This contact information may include their office phone number, office e-mail, cell phone number, and home phone number. Since emergencies may occur at any time, providing multiple contact points maximizes the probability that the urgent message will be delivered quickly and received successfully.


When an emergency message is activated, Send Word Now begins sending the alert to all the Emergency Contact information selected for the particular event i.e., office phone and e-mail, cell phone, home phone. Additionally, the notification process can be set up in a cascade order whereas, at any point during the notification process the message is intercepted (i.e. by answering a SWN telephone call) it will be registered as "received" and will no longer continue through the cascade.


In a true building emergency, this invaluable tool will alert all Brookfield employees and tenants on the Send Word Now contact list regarding the situation. If you have any questions regarding Send Word Now, please direct them to the Property Management Office.